Recording at EastWest Studios with ISQ

Yesterday I spent 8.5 hours in the studio with Isaura (and we were joined by guest violist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) and recorded 19 jazz arrangements by Mike Rocha.

we got a little punchy after 8.5 hours of focus!

It was a very long day, but also super rewarding. Plus, we had Tender Greens for lunch and that makes for a life-affirming and super delicious power lunch indeed! My favorite of the arrangements are probably All of Me and Laura, which really came together for me for the first time yesterday while recording. Also, shoutout to my dad who loves Laura (the film) so he’ll probably love our recording from yesterday. Mike wrote some really beautiful and classy arrangements of these famous tunes and we’re so excited to be able to use these at gigs. It’s so hard to find good gig music that isn’t completely corny or lame. These arrangements are a real blessing for us and we’re so lucky to work with Mike on them. Also, having Miguel sit in for Alessandra (who was unable to play with us on this – we missed her!) was great. He’s an incredible player and person and I learned so much from him in our rehearsals and the session. Also, apparently EastWest Studios is a SUPER historic place! I had no idea. We were in Studio C, where The Beach Boys recorded Pet Sounds (what?!) and The Mamas and The Papas recorded California Dreaming, not to mention the other incredible artists who recorded in the very same room as us (Blondie was mentioned!!). Wow. So much history in those walls…

Also, there was an amazing chair in the studio lounge that was shaped kind of like an egg. It was a really magical chair. Here are a couple pictures from the day. For more, check out the Isaura facebook page.


the whole crew – Mike, Madeline, Miguel, Keith (our sound engineer), Betsy, and Yours Truly
in the midst of recording
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