ISQ Updates

Since coming back to LA, I’ve been hard at work with Isaura String Quartet ladies. We’ve ordered business cards, updated our website, made a facebook page…it feels great to have everything updated and looking great.

If you want to keep up with ISQ on all of our various social media outlets, here are the important details:

like ISQ on facebook

follow ISQ on twitter

and don’t forget about our website, which is shiny and new, with new posts and sounds. In fact, we now have two live recordings available for your listening curiosity and pleasure, as well as a video from our concert in April 2014. Plus, we’re updating our “news” section (aka BLOG!!) more and more frequently (summer mixtapes, anyone? coming soon…).

ISQ website

If you need a teaser to visit the site, here’s a condensed version of the video available from our April recital.

That’s all for now.


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