John Cage Centenary Festival @ REDCAT

From LA Weekly, re: the John Cage Festival that I’m playing in next week:

Alongside all his chart-topping megahits, new-music visionary John Cage composed many lesser-heard and equally notable pieces. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Cage’s birth, REDCAT offers two nights of this rarely played stuff remade/remodeled by CalArts’ new music ensemble, the New Century Players, and the CalArts Orchestra. Tonight brings a sampling of Cage’s more epic-scale items, including Dance/4Orchestras, Ryoanji and Renga. Tomorrow night centers on Fontana Mix, Cage’s crucial “indeterminacy” piece; the original Fontana Mix tape montage is woven into ensemble works composed using its score by James Tenney, David Behrman, Cornelius Cardew and others. By the way, the original title of Fontana Mix was Performance Mix, but during its preparation Cage renamed it after his Milanese landlady, Signora Fontana. —John Payne

We’re playing a lot of pieces that are rarely performed. Tickets are available here!

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